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Who we are!
Who we are!

Evangeline Fragrance Company, formely Evangeline Company, before that Leon Hirsh and Son!

Hello, my name is Douglas Klein.  Im not in the photo above, I was the one taking the photo in 1977.  My dad and brother Mark are shown with F&T Trucking driver after filling a 53 foot trailer with Evangeline bound for Puerto Rico.

I am the owner of the Evangeline Fragrance Corporation.  My company has been in operation since 1873.  While many days I feel like I'm 144 years old, only the company is!  Some people, God Bless them, think when they call, they are calling some multi-million dollar corporation, they are in fact, not doing that.  When a customer calls, they speak with me.  Just one person that takes your concern seriously.   There were more, but I'm the only one left!  The point here is that, your requests are takin' care of immediately!  Service is what separates us from the big name brands.  If you have an issue with a Calvin Klein product, there is no way you will be able to speak with Calvin Klein.  Have a question about Evangeline, you can speak with Doug Klein ( no relation) and I'll take care of it!

My phone (516) 403 3094 is open from 9:00 am -8:00 pm ( EST)  7/days a week!

Post on : Oct 3, 2017
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