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Juicy Plum
"New"  Evangeline !
"New" Evangeline !

Juicy Plum

  Juicy Plum is a well rounded and balanced fragrance specifically designed to be worn during the day.  Whether your headed to the office, going shopping or just relaxing around your home!  Notes of Plum blossom, Vanilla, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Mandarin Orange, etc., shape this delicate but long lasting fragrance.

Evangeline "Juicy Plum" is clear with a slight with a light brown hint of color.  One of Juicy Plum's ingredients is Vanilla fragrance Oil!  Vanilla turns a  Natural slightly dark tone as our formula gracefully ages.  We do not use any harsh/toxic dyes in our cologne!  Dyes can cause skin irritation and who knows, in 20 years from now, what they will find!  Also, no need to worry about staining your clothes!

Post on : Oct 3, 2017
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